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Water Conserve provides unprecedented one of a kind capabilities to search the world of water conservation information on the Internet. Every page on the site features unprecedented water conservation search capabilities in the upper right hand corner. We ask that users add pages to the water conservation search engine.

The "Internet" option allows you to search the entire content of several hundred reviewed leading water conservation sites. Using highly sophisticated search engine technologies, this search option makes fully searchable nearly one half million external URLs.

The "News" option makes searchable the "Water Conserve Newsfeed" - providing access to both the latest happenings of the day, as well as a massive archive going back for years.

The "Links" search selection makes it possible to search the site title, description and keywords of the several hundred leading climate change, global warming and renewable energy sites in our links section.

The "Site" search makes this site fully searchable including Water Conserve's voluminous news archive - several tens of thousand news articles spanning the last seven years.