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California: Global warming threatens Delta islands, water supply

If sea level rises and levees fail, many would be flooded, 23 million Californians could be without water

Source:  Copyright 2006, Sacramento Bee
Date:  September 4, 2006
Byline:  Matt Weiser
Original URL: Status ONLINE

On New Year's weekend, Barbara Flores went three days without sleep, and not because she was partying.

Flores and other anxious residents of Sherman Island, on the western edge of the Delta, spent the opening days of 2006 battling one of the biggest floods they'd ever seen.

Waters rose to the crest of the island's levees. Wind-whipped spray from crashing waves blew over the levee in a stinging fusillade, threatening to flood the island.

"We came close. Real close," said Flores, manager of Sherman Lake Resort on the island's western tip. "The only reason it didn't flood is because the wind stopped."

The Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers converge at Sherman Island, putting Flores in the cross hairs of the Delta's biggest wind and waves. This makes Sherman Lake Resort, humble and weather-worn though it is, one of the world's top windsurfing destinations.

But the resort has ...

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