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23/10 - #Ebola hits New York City | Photo, USA Today
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Love in the Time of Ebola
Love in the Time of Ebola Overpopulation, ecosystem loss, climate change, and Ebola itself are all growing exponentially. The human family must come together now to stop Ebola in West Africa or risk a global pandemic that could potentially kill billions – even as we commit post-Ebola to solving with greater equity and justice the disease’s...
Ebola a Symptom of Ecological and Social Collapse
Ebola a Symptom of Ecological and Social Collapse The global environment is collapsing and dying under the weight of inequitable over-population and ecosystem loss. “We learn the meaning of enough and how to share or it is the end of being.” ― Dr. Glen Barry The surging Ebola epidemic is the result of broad-based ecological and social collapse...

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